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    Jul 15, 2018
    Looking for a good online tutorial or book on Photos image organization. I primarily use other image processing tools and basically just want to display relatively small numbers of files on my cell phone and iPad. I actually find the organization tools in Photos way more confusing than LR. It just creates all of these categories. All I really want is to import files into an Album, and limit the number of images available for display on my devices to select Albums. Thanks.
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    Jul 15, 2018
    Thanks for the link. I've looked at some of those and they are pretty piecemeal. I've never really like Photos for editing or organizing files. The whole automatic lumping of files into moments and collections and years is not what I want. Though a long time LR user I've kind of moved to On1 Raw. Basically, I want to take a relatively small group of edited files, import them into Photos, and use the really nifty iCould capability to have those albums available to display on my iPad and iPhone. I've been playing with things today and I think I've got a system to get everything to do what I want. On1 even has a share to Photos. So I can do all my editing in On1 Raw, create an album in On1 that includes only the images I want to have available for display, select those files and share them to Photos, and quickly put those files in an Album that can be viewed on my iPhone and iPad. So I THINK I've got it doing what I want it to do. Now, can I be so lucky as to find programs that let me share directly to Smugmug and Flickr?

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