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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Aniej, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Oct 17, 2006
    I am very comfortable with computers and macs particularly, but really don't know much at all about web design. I am trying to get into this a little bit, but am pretty overwhelmed by all the different languages out there and figuring out what language does what. Therefore, for those of us out there interested in this topic, but confused as to where to begin, I was hoping those of you out there that know this area well might have some thoughts on good books or sites that could help us beginners try and get our heads around this large topic.

    Personally I am looking for something that can begin teach help me focus on some areas and know what all the different languages do. Ideally, I would like to move forward from there into 1) learning how to simply make good multi-faceted websites; and next, 2) learning how to make web based applications and websites that actually do something.

    p.s. I know there are a few guides on here, but for the beginner this is an equally confusing set of guides and websites that have left me, and I assume some others, a bit overwhelmed.
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    You should start with html, the basic language of websites.

    I didn't learn html from a book or website, so I didn't have any to suggest, but if you Google 'html tutorial' there are plenty of options.

    Once you master that, you could learn other languages like CSS, XHTML, & Javascript, and learn how to use WYSIWYG website editors like Dreamweaver.
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    Jul 18, 2002
    what is "web design", though? it's a huge topic, hence the huge # of languages, techniques, technologies, and apps.

    w/o being flip, i do suggest you read through this:

    ... just to get an overview.

    to me, web design is more of the GUI stuff, but you're also asking about (for lack of a better term) web development. and that brings into it everything about software development, which is a huge topic.

    to learn a new bit of technology, i first find something that needs doing (e.g. my theater company needed a community-driven site), then i research what kind of tools may help me do that. doing actual projects leads to discoveries of technologies you may want to try next time, plus it develops your skills (like anything, you need to practice practice practice).

    maybe you want to start w/ a joomla site, then write your own joomla modules (php and XML). maybe you want to learn some XHTML/CSS and code something by hand. but first find the thing you want to create, or problem you want to solve. that can help you and help others focus in on what technologies to use in that particular case.

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