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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by tmanto02, Mar 24, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    I have a Mac mini media centre, which occasionally one of my programs crashed occasionally. I need to restart the Mac to relaunch the program. Is there an application available that would allow me to do so? I'M not really looking for a complete Remote Desktop app, just something that allows me to restart remotely.

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    You can restart remotely using screen sharing, the built in app that is on every mac. If it's file vault protected you can go into the terminal and use sudo fdesetup authrestart on your mini.

    If you're talking about doing this from an iOS device you can use an app such as screens to connect to your mac mini and then follow the steps above.
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    I operate a Mac remotely weekly from half way around the world. I find Apple's Remote Desktop rarely works properly when the two Macs area outside the local network. I use Team Viewer as my primary connection method. I've used it for about two years and have done multiple OS upgrades, firmware, security patches etc with restarts and is is ok. Also when I do a reboot or expect a reboot from say an OS upgrade I enable auto login on the remote Mac to minimise issues and then switch back to normal user login after the reboot. As a back up remote option in case team viewer goes down I have Google Chrome Remote Desktop and Parallels Remote Desktop installed. All three of these apps also come in iOS form as well.
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    easiest solution is to enable remote login in sys preferences. then you can ssh to your mac from any device and issue "sudo shutdown -r now"
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    restart the mac from another mac or what?

    if its from another mac, you can do it through your iCloud account & back to my mac. not 100% reliable but does the trick.

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