Restaurant Website: How Much To Charge?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by RBMaraman, Jun 22, 2006.

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    This man I go to church with is a partner in a new, slightly upscale Italian restaurant in my city. Recently, he approached my brother and I about creating a website for this new restaurant. Nothing fancy, just a little about the restaurant, an online menu, information about the historical home it's located in, and possibly a form for submitting suggestions and reservations. I know we won't have any problems creating the site, but I've never done one for profit, and since I don't know anyone who creates sites for a living, I don't have any clue what to charge.

    We are being supplied the restaurant's logo, so we won't have to make one. But, we will probably be doing our own photography of the building exterior, interior, and of select items on the menu; along with creating navigation graphics. Most likely any text will be supplied by the partners.

    Since this man is someone my brother and I have known for years, and a family friend, I was thinking just a flat fee somewhere around $300-$500. Does that sound reasonable? Mind you, neither of us are professional web designers, simply hobbyists (but good enough to know how to create a nice, clean, professional website).

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Figure out a fair hourly rate, then figure out how many hours it'll likely take you. If it's 10 hours, then $500 is more than fair for a first time. If it's 100 hours, it's unfair to you.

    If you can agree to a reasonable hourly rate and a reasonable estimate of hours with the guy, then the charge should seem fair and not just a number you appear to have pulled out of nowhere.

    A flat fee is fine and likely best, but just make sure it's based on something (like [rate x hours] + expenses).
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    I am starting to do websites, too, for profit (have done many for free n the past). Charge around $500 for the startup and bill $250 per year for maintenance. I just started using this for keeping track of my hourly time spent per project (to add to the client's invoice):

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