Restore backed up apps and data?

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  1. geekgirrl, Feb 28, 2012
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    I just upgraded my iphone 3gs to 5.0.1 and most of my apps are gone and my ToDo app is not there with all my items. I backed the phone up a number of times before the upgrade/restore. How do I restore the apps and app data please??? I tried the Restore From Backup but still have the same issue. I can only select from two backups and they dont give me all my apps.

    I can sync my apps which will restore most of my apps but I'm not sure about my app data? I did find some backup cache files on my pc but I dont know how to access them. Help please.

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    You should have you're Apps in the 'Apps' section of your iTunes library, just drag them over. Then backup your phone again, next time you have to restore it should work fine. It wasn't until iOS 5 that you were able to automatically re-download all your Apps that we're stored on your device so it wouldn't have backed them up in 4.x.x
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    Yes, all the apps are in the apps section on the left, in a list, grayed out. The app window on the right shows the apps currently on my iphone by page/screen. I can drag anything anywhere since it's grayed out. I would have to click the sync box first and then I get the "this will overwrite all the apps/data on this iphone" which worried me that my notes or contacts will get overwritten. Will it?

    You say it didnt back up the data but yet all the data on the apps I did get back after the restore have their data. I really believe backups Do backup your app data as it has restored every time I've ever upgraded my firmware....except for this time.

    I really need to know how to backup from hidden backups on my pc (and how to find them) or backup from the backups listed in iTunes - Edit - Preferences - Devices. I know this can be done as others have done it but finding out how to do it seems a lot more challenging to find out. :(
    Actually the backups under Preferences are the same ones as when I right click - Restore from back up. I now have to find another way to find hidden backups or my app data.

    Thanks for your help :)

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