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    I need to restore my system from a bootable .sparseimage I made in Superduper!, how should I go about this? I am running a G4 PowerBook, last rev.

    Any and all advice is welcome.
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    May 31, 2006
    from SuperDuper!'s User's Guide, which is available in the dmg on their site:

    Restoring from a bootable backup
    First, if you’ve backed up to an internal partition, you can start up from it (hold down the Option key when you start your Macintosh and select the backup partition), and then use SuperDuper! to restore the data to the original location. (This works just like backing up, above.)

    Similarly, if you’ve stored a bootable backup on an external FireWire drive, and your Macintosh is capable of starting up from FireWire, hold down the Option key when you start, select the FireWire drive, and use SuperDuper!
    to perform the restore.

    Restoring when you can’t start up from your backup
    If you have a backup image or volume, but can’t start up from it, you can still restore using your OS X install disc. To do so:
    • Start up from the OS X Install disc.
    • When the Installer starts, choose “Disk Utility” from its Application menu.
    • Once the Disk Utility starts, select the drive you want to restore to, and switch to the Restore tab.

    If you’re restoring from a sparse image, as in the following screen shot [see attached picture], first open the image by choosing File > Open Image... in Disk Utility. Then, use the volume that appears (e.g.“Backup”, below) as the source. ​

    • Follow the instructions on the Restore tab: the backup created by SuperDuper is fully compatible with Disk Utility’s Restore function.
    • Once the backup has been restored, restart your computer with Option held down, and select it as your startup volume.

    Recovery accomplished!

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    Mar 16, 2008
    Booting from a sparse Image possible???


    I have a 200GB main HD on my MBP running Leopard and an external Firewire 160GB HD. My main HD is only 50% full.

    Is it possible to create a bootable sparse disk image on my external drive? Or perhaps make this external drive bootable and put a sparse disk image on to it?

    How would I go about this?


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