Restore from Time Capsule Finishes Early, Doesn't Log Me In (Legacy FileVault)

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by orvn, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Jan 11, 2011
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    I was having an issue which couldn't be resolved. I eventually decided to scrap it, format my disk and restore from Time Capsule. Original issue (failed hard drive clone) can be found in this thread:

    I went to the Apple Store and had them reinstall the 10.8 recovery partition (I didn't have it on my local drive).

    Got home, decided to restore from Time Capsule (4th gen) over wifi.
    It said ETA ≈ 7 hours. I return 2 hrs later to find my MBP (mid 09) display dimmed (but the machine still running in the background).

    I moved my cursor and that's when it told me that the install is done and that the machine will reboot in x seconds- I found it odd that I coincidentally approached the computer right at the end of the install process. Maybe I unpaused it?

    Machine restarts, at the log in, it doesn't let me log in! Note the screenshot below.


    So I try again.. this time connected to the TC via ethernet and picking a different backup date (two days earlier). I watched it closely. The display fell asleep around 13% or 14% and then all of a sudden woke up (a minute later), said it was done the restore.

    Same story: machine reboots, I'm taken to the login, but it doesn't log me in (obviously, because it isn't fully restored!)


    P.S.- I still have the working- but dying- original drive (see previous thread) whose clone failed, although I would prefer to restore as this maintains a recovery partition on my new disk.

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