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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by nanda1994, Jan 15, 2016.

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    Jan 15, 2016

    I recently came by an iPhone 4S which I almost forgot that I still had. It is running iOS 7.0.4. I do not wish to upgrade past iOS 7.1.x if I can help it, I am really skeptical about its performance on iOS 8 or above. I do not have any previous backups of the device either (I'm not how useful it would be even if I did have one). No SHSH blobs saved either (Again, is it of any use? ).

    I want to jailbreak my phone on the current firmware, but unfortunately, evasi0n 7 does not work with devices that were OTA'd to iOS 7. Mine crashes at modifying rootfs ( Versions 1.0.5 through 1.0.8 )

    Now, my OTA update on the phone shows an availble update to iOS 8.4.1 while iTunes shows iOS 9.2
    I am also experiencing some troubles with installing apps from the app store directly on the device, hence a clean restore is almost a necessity now. Now, if there is any other method to jailbreak, I don't mind the inability to install apps directly on the device and will gladly stay on the current firmware :)

    Any suggestions on what I should do?
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