Restore new iPad from iPhone backup (iCloud)

Discussion in 'iPad' started by netnothing, Mar 13, 2012.

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    I've only ever restored my iPads in the past from other iPad backups. My buddy is getting his first iPad on Friday......he has an iPhone 4S.

    Can he do a restore on the iPad from the latest iPhone 4S backup (this would be an iCloud backup)?

    He doesn't really care about apps....those he can get on the device. What he's most concerned with are settings and mail accounts etc. He'd like to not have to re-enter all the setup info if possible.


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    Your friend can certainly set up the iPad from his iPhone back up, did mine that way, worked great for things like contacts, calendar, etc. not everything will come in perfect, but it does speed up the setup and will make the iPad seem very familiar. But I would do it from a back up on my computer rather than the cloud, remove the possibility of an error from the Internet connection. Just do a iPhone back up to the CPU first then use that to set up the iPad.
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    If there is an error in the Internet connection the backup will just stop downloading and restart/say the connection is faulty,no harm done.
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    If you are talking about an iCloud backup that contains your Whatsapp app data and now you want to restore to that backup to recover it the steps are below. However, be aware that restoring from an earlier backup will revert all data and settings on your phone to those contained in the backup. If you have more recent data you will need to back that up first to avoid losing it. Be sure to sync your contacts and calendar with iCloud (Settings>iCloud>Contacts and Calendars>On) and import all your photos and videos to your computer before proceeding to avoid losing them. Also, sync your phone with iTunes to transfer any recent purchases to your iTunes library and while there perform a manual backup in iTunes by right-clicking on the name of your phone on the left sidebar and selecting Backup.
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    how was this resurrected?

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    Having the same problem. iCloud login has an old apple id and can't change it. Also can't use the password for the old id. As a result I can't use iCloud or reset the phone, because of find my iphone using the same id. Hoping this will be resolved soon.

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