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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by HelixOmnimedia, Aug 22, 2015.

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    I have a question I need help and advice on.

    I really want to restore my iPhone and set up as new. Start afresh with everything but obviously use iCloud to bring my data (Contacts, Calendar) back... But I'd also like to bring back my Health and my Apple Watch Activity data (ie, my achieving rewards, ect)

    Is there a way to do this?
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    So I just got back from a Genius Bar appointment For my iPhone 6 - have had battery issues over the last week. They ran diagnostics and the battery is ok, but it's a software issue and have been advised to Restore the iPhone and Set Up as new.

    My only big concern about data loss is the Achievments I've worked hard to get over the last three month in the Acrivity app and some Health data

    If I set up as new, this data won't come back via iCloud.

    is there another way?
  3. adamhenry, Aug 31, 2015
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    If you restore from an iCloud backup, the health data should come back. Setup as new though, I don't see how to get it back.
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    Due to the serious 8.4.1 issues that I and a group of other users are experiencing I had exactly the same query as I assumed (mistakenly it turned out) that a full clean reset would solve the problem. It can be done, but it will cost you an app

    • QS Access - Quantified Self Labs (free) allows you to export your health data to a CSV file.
    • Health Importer - Paradox Customs (paid) allows you to import the CSV file created by the above app into HealthKit

    When you export the data, I would suggest you only export the fields that you used. When I exported all fields (with lots of blank data), the Importer App struggled and crashed. I currently only have 3 sets of data, and that imported fine.
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    Did you ever end up doing this? I'm in the same predicament.

    Any idea at all if this is able to export and import Activity/Workouts/Achievements?
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    I know this post is a couple months old, but incase anyone wants to know. There are a few third party methods floating around. Check out ibackupbot method and there is a iTunes backup decipher out there. Google will be your friend with both of these methods. Might have to do a little digging, but you'll eventually stumble upon them.

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