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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Irock619, Jan 21, 2012.

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    I did my first jailbreak last night successfully. When I opened cydia I thought "holly crap"! There is so much stuff and it's confusing. I was able to get winterboard and change my theme but that's it. I tried to do other things but nothing was showing up like changing my lock screen. I tried to edit the status bar and it wasn't working. When I saw an app I wanted I would download an then hit the reload button but nothing worked except my winterboard theme. Then I noticed these downloads were successful because I suddenly had a lot less memory left on my phone. I have the 16gb so I hate to saccrafice memory and not be able to use the apps.

    Anyways, since this was my first jailbreak I'm sure I was doing something wrong. There is just too much crap to figure out on how to maximize the benefits of jailbreaking. Also maybe having at least an 32gb model would be better because it is easy to use tons of memory. I ended up restoring back to 5.0.1. Maybe I will jailbreak again later after some research on how to use cydia.

    Has anybody been intimidated by the jailbreak their first time doing it? Any suggestions? Thanks for reading :)
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    i think its pretty easy. but i always think youtube is the best way to learn. try watching a couple videos on cydia and you should be good!

    i would start out with sbsettings as your first cydia tweak. GL!
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    sorry, i think you may be getting storage and memory confused a little. there's a clear distinction so it's important you don't get the 2 mixed up.

    storage... i wouldn't worry too much about eating in your 16gb, most cydia apps use negligible storage space compared to things like app store apps and music. having said that if you have a lot of themes, soundboards and things that are media rich they can quickly add up but how many of those do you need on your phone at any one time anyway? i've got a fair few cydia apps (15 maybe) and i've used the same theme (typophone 4 which weighs in around 3mb) for over a year and i don't think i've used any more than about 50mb storage in terms of cydia downloads - i'm sure the footprint is actually bigger - but there's plenty of room left on my 16gb iphone4 for apps and music :) having a 32gb iphone for the sake of jailbreaking would be total overkill, but if you had a 8gb iphone... i can understand how you might get anxious about losing space that you could use for apps/musics/photos.

    memory... some things will eat up more ram than others, like having a complex theme, but ultimately it all depends on what you put on there. i think ios does a pretty good job of managing/allocating memory so you shouldn't really see your apps adversely affected in terms of performance.

    as for complexity and intimidation... it gets about as complicated as you want it to be really! :)

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