Restored my iPhone to the wifes iPhone backup...

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    OK....I know how basic this is to fix by DFU and do a complete restore to my backup...Here is my delima: My original iPhone4 came with a dead pixel/dust right in the middle of the screen....I've had it for a month and was just able to get to the Chicago mac store and swap it last night. When I got home, I accidentally sync'd it with one of my wife's backups instead of mine. My new phone that I got from apple last night is running software 4.0 and I did the easy jailbreak. If I try to restore the phone so I can switch to a backup of mine, it is going to update the software on mine to 4.0.2 and loose my option of jailbreaking it. How can I get around this and keep the 4.0 software and get the proper backup on my phone so I can keep the benefits of a jailbroken phone? I know the search button can be a wonderful thing, but I haven't been able to find exactly how to do it. Thanks in advance.
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    Connect the phone to your computer. When the phone appears in iTunes, right click on it in the left pane and select restore from backup. You will then be able to restore from a previous backup and this will not erase the phone or mess up your jailbreak in any way.

    This isn't the same as hitting the restore button in iTunes at all. It just restores your backup data and settings and then will add the apps and music that you synced when that backup was made. Your phone will remain at the current OS that you are at.
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    #3 simple...I've never noticed that was an option. Thanks for the quick reply and the help.

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