Resolved Restored Yosemite HD to new Mac -> Battery time wrong


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Jun 11, 2015
Hey Folks,

I am new to Mac Rumors. Well, I often used the forum before to find help. But now I am stuck and trying to find an answer with the search didn't work out. So I created an account and here we go:

I bought a new Mac Book Pro Retina. Restoring my old data from a TM backup failed several times. So I used disk utilities to transfer the complete HD from my old MBP to the new one.

Everything worked perfectly!!! Almost...
I have the strange feeling that the OS does not recognize the new hardware correctly. For example: The battery is at 99% and says that there are only 2.5 hours left. This was the case with my old MBP. So now I wonder if I have to reset something or tell the OS in any way that it should recognize the new hardware...

Did anyone have that problem too or has a solution?

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