Restoring a Bricked iMac Pro Requires a Second Mac and Configurator 2

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    everyone knows it. it is the fact. Paper weight.
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    any older machine (3 years +) will not work. Apple stops supporting them and every update they make is shi ier. Well we are doomed. Hopefully new Steve Jobs will appear somewhere with new company. This one starts to rot.
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    not at all. any computer can work and in the use case these were designed for there's almost always a Mac Mini running the storage raid, or the assistants desk iMac etc that can be used.
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    these computers were not designed and are not being marketed to Joe Q Public. the businesses that they were created for will likely have multiple computers around and are being told about this issue up front so they know to hang onto one of the older computers that these iMac Pros will replace. so not actually a big deal.
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    take off the tin foil hat, none of this means any of that. if you are that paranoid perhaps you need to go back to Windows.
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    Because Apple cannot do anything stupid. Must defend Apple and insult anyone who dares disagree
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    It’s the knee jerk Apple hate that gets old. Anything Apple does gets crapped on just because, while the uninformed poster doesn’t even understand the reason why Apple is doing it, let alone have a better solution.

    It’s amazing how much power some haters give Apple to affect the quality of their life. I don’t prefer Samsung’s cell phones, and I spend zero time complaining about them on Samsung fan sites.

    Let’s face it, dealing with trolls gets old. They’re sad, pathetic attention-seekers for whom negative attention is better than no attention. They feel important when people argue with them. Typically I don’t bother responding, it just encourages more forum-cluttering noise. I wish the ignore list allowed more entries.
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    But all our production macs are mac pro tower 2010/2012 which i guarantee doesn't help since they don't have any thunderbolt connection. Even our iMac we have is the old one (2011 sandy bridge model), which we keep because have target display feature which latter absence in newer iMac.

    edit : From apple help page, it's like connection can be made using USB-A to USB-C cable (probably) and not must Thunderbolt, so connection to any Mac is possible. Also, the best practice is stay away from power failure or disabling secure boot enforcement.

    In case DFU restore required, this implementation still too inconvenient way treating "workstation" class machine like iOS device.
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    My take is this: if you must have an iMac Pro and this security measure is too risky, then simply turn the security feature off. For those of us who live 20 min from an Apple Store or have a number of Macs laying around that do support restoring a iMac Pro in a likely rare secure boot failure, we can happily use Secure Boot with little risk.

    Personally, I have a lot of customer data on my computer that would harm my business if it got out. This feature closes the loop that FileVault started. Apple may be a bit paranoid about securing a customer's data, yet that’s better than Windows’ security theater.

    If you don’t like Secure Boot, turn it off or buy a different computer than an iMac Pro!

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    Does anyone know if the primary topic of this thread is applicable to the 2018 MacBook Pros as well or if this is still unique to the iMac Pro? I have found no documentation or news to suggest one way or the other yet...

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