Restoring an iPhone that has been synced to a computer.

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    Title really says it all.

    If I were to connect my iPhone to my computer and hold the power button for 25 seconds that would preform a restore, correct? Now everything would be gone, but I had previously connected the iPhone to this computer and backed everything up. Would this get me back all my contacts when I plug it back in?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Just simply holding the power button does not preform a restore you would just connect the phone open ituens, then click restore in itunes. If you backed up all your information before, after you restore you will be given the open to set up your phone from a backup or a new phone. If you are going to restore make sure you transfer all your purchases from your phone to the computer first.
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    You need to click restore in iTunes and then click restore from backup when it asks you to setup as new or restore from backup. If you synced your contacts to Outlook or Windows Address Book (on a PC) or Address Book (on a Mac), then you can restore as new or restore from a backup, since you'll sync afterwards.

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