Restoring an LTE Apple Watch, What happens?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Allewsive, Sep 28, 2017.

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    I wanted to give some insight into this community as to what happens when you decide it's time to roll back a beta on the iPhone, which means a restore of the iPhone, followed by a reset of the Apple Watch that was paired with it.

    I have a Series 3 LTE watch and was concerned about how the plan to my carrier would work with resetting a watch and pairing it again. Turns out, everything just works people!

    When you go to reset the watch in Settings>General, the watch will read you some text explaining that you can remove or keep the cellular plan, but if you remove it then you will need to call your carrier to cancel the subscription ($10 a month on ATT for me). After reading through this, you get options at the final screen where it has red buttons to erase all. You get an "Erase All" options AND an "Erase All and Keep Plan". I opted to keep the plan since I want to use the cellular again upon repairing.

    So I restored my iPhone to 11.0.1 from the 11.1 beta, and then the phone asked me to pair my Apple Watch again. The process is the same as before, pair the watch and choose a recovery backup from iCloud in the Watch App. Towards the end of the process, a screen came on that I was very hopeful for... Cellular Ready - You can use your Apple Watch with the number used for your iPhone - ... It was a good day. The watch and phone are both finishing their restores now.

    So far, so good! Cheers Beta explorers!
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    Thanks for sharing. I was curious what would happen when restoring or changing to a new iPhone.
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    Yeah, I had to do the same thing this AM when 11.1 borked my phone and I had to do a full reset. I was a little irritated that I had to reset the watch as well, since that blew out all the music I had planned to listen to but oh well.

    I was a little concerned that 11.0.1 might get itchy that I had the 4.1 beta on my watch but all was smooth sailing.
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    Ohh good to know it works fine for the watch beta!

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