Restoring app data without "system settings"?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by Jaysu, Oct 16, 2010.

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    Oct 16, 2010
    Brief scenario leading up to my question: I've had my iPhone 4 since release, and I've been happy with it. I recently moved, and I started having trouble with dropped calls in my new home... and I thought this very odd, since neither my mother in law's iPhone 4 or my wife's iPhone 4 have any troubles at all in this house (and she talks on the phone a lot more than I do). Even more odd is that even though I bounce between one and three "bars" here in my new house, 3G is usable and even stable enough to use Pandora.

    I decided a trip to the Apple store wouldn't hurt. The tech plugged my phone into his diagnostic software and told me that there were no dropped calls recorded from the perspective of the phone, so he pointed the blame at AT&T. However, he also noticed some charge cycle statistics that he felt were "impossible", and suggested that something was messed up in the phone's "settings" (a rather ambiguous term to be sure). He sent me home and advised that I do a restore on the phone and try it out.

    I followed his advice. Since I haven't talked on the phone a whole lot since I got over the new home calling spree, I've had little opportunity to test it.

    However, one major frustration has resulted: all my app data and save games are gone now. (Backed up of course, but gone nonetheless.)

    So here's the question: I want my app data back. Badly. However, I'm concerned that if I restore from a backup, that the alleged bad "settings" will come back. Is this doable in any way?

    Furthermore I'm not really sure what "settings" he was talking about. Prior to taking it to the apple store, I did some things on my own like resetting the network settings, but I was still dropping calls.

    Can someone fill me in on what my options are? Resolve some of the ambiguity over these evil "settings" that were bad? :p Whether they will return with the "settings" that get restored when I restore from a backup?

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    Any ideas?

    Exact same issue.

    At this point, app data is wayy too unreliable and generally iffy as illustrated in a situation like this. The data should be easily linked and relinked with any instance of the app. Twitter will know which tweets I read on the iPad, and maybe even temporarily log in to my app data on somebody else's phone. Do you think this will be solved with iOS 5? I really hope that's what the storage of app data in the cloud is meant to solve.

    Also, I've lost my autocorrect data
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    were you able to solve this problem?

    Just wondering... were you able to solve this problem?

    I see one option - iBackupBot. it lets you do selective restores... but if i have like 100 apps whose settings i want to restore, it will be very cumbersome. does not let you copy full app folders from one backup to another... you have to export 'files' (say plist files and other files) for each app and then import them into another backup.

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