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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cindyjj, Jan 24, 2016.

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    A week later and I almost have my computer all restored. One last thing, hopefully. When I restore some programs from time machine back up, they don't work. I get an error message saying "the installation is flawed. Please reinstall" for Dragon Dictate and similar one for Office. Internet explorer (from the backup) can't be retrieved. My documents did restore as did Skype and some other programs. I haven't tried all of them. On a few (Adobe and others) start restoring all applications when I click only on that one and remain perpetually in "stopping" mode when I try to cancel the restore - I have to shut off my computer with the button. Any ideas out there?
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    Sounds like you are getting closer every day. :D
    Applications - particularly pro-level apps, don't always travel well when restoring from a drive backup.
    You have your original installers for those, right?
    Reinstall the few that give you errors.

    And, of course, Internet Explorer is a Windows app, so you would reinstall that when you boot to your boot camp partition - or whatever method you have for using Windows apps.

    BTW - you really don't need to make a new thread for issues that are directly related to your other thread(s). You will get responses in those other threads, too - as a few good folks here follow those type of threads. Your questions don't really get lost in the middle. But, you can restate your questions there, too…

    So far, you are doing fine!
    File transfers from potentially failing storage can really run into a lot of issues, and I think you can see that now!

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