restoring hard drive form time machine

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by hotrod351, Jan 6, 2014.

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    yesterday i lost my backup internal hard drive icon form desktop. a warning came up on the screen saying it was ejected improperly. when i restart my macpro the 2nd internal HD icon would show up but then go away after 30 seconds. when i go to system preferences to startup disc its not there. in disk utility its not there. finally i unplugged my desktop and when plugging it back in it would show up for a minute or so but when clicking on it would send it away. long story short i was able to find out how to get it to show up in disk utility and erase it. now it shows up and seems to be fine except ofcourse its empty. can i restore it form time machine. i can find an older version of it in time machine but i figure if i click restore to desktop it will just be like adding a folder with everything thats on it to my desktop. what id like to do is erase it and completely restore it from a couple days ago. hope im making myself understood.
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    Yes, you can restore a Time Machine backup to the blank drive. Just follow this guide.

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