Restoring iPhone to factory state after jailbreak & unlock


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Apr 10, 2007
Just to make this clear:
Is it possible to bring a jailbreaked (e.g. jailbreakme) and unlocked (anysim) iPhone (1.1.1) to factory state without any issues.
I have read that a simple restore via iTunes removes all that jailbreakme-stuff, can anyone confirm this?
And what about unlocks? Is it possible (via reset) to re-lock an iPhone without Apple noticing it?

Thanks in advance... :)


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Sep 15, 2007
no ideas?
I did a jailbreak using the carnaval method which is similar to the jailbreakme method and I restored it.. the only problem is tho that I had to do this whole thing to get the restore to work properly:

(this is my modmyiPhone post)

Incase you still need help and for future people.. I actually jailbroke my iPhone 1.1.1 using carnaval and everything was working fine untill I installed anysim 1.1

so when I tried to restore it I got error 1011

To fix it what you have to do is uninstall:

Apple Mobile Device
Apple Software Updater (something like that)

(in this order)

Then restart

Go to and install... don't w/l to desktop just run it or open in firefox

install itunes completely

then restart computer

then try doing the restore

it should work now..

if it doesn't then Apple will replace it

and when u call apple and they ask for number (if ur doing the jailbreak just say you opened the iPhone and you connected to iTunes and it asked you to restore which you did and then u got that error and you already reinstalled itunes)


hope that helps!
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