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    I recently had a hard drive crash and unfortunately I did not have a current backup of my data when it happened. I have replaced the hard drive and used data recovery software to recover as many files as I could find off my faulty drive. The process enabled me to find a lot of my important documents but it kinda made a mess of my media, especially my photos and vids. I basically had to create a new iPhoto library and import all the photos the recovery process found into it. I lost all my organization, my photo albums, the names, the faces, everything.

    Now, a lot of my iPhoto library is old stuff and I do have older, intact hard drives lying around, from when I have upgraded hard drives or changed machines. I'm thinking I could restore an older iPhoto library that would be better organized than the mess I currently have though it wouldn't have my more recent photos. And then I find the more recent photos from my restoration and bring them into the restored, older library.

    Now, I'm trying to figure out which iPhoto library to grab, since I think I have at least a couple of copies from the past. When did iPhoto stop using the single file approach to storing iPhoto libraries? I'm thinking I will want to find an old iPhoto library that is contained in that all-in-one file format since that would be easiest to import, right? And then just have iPhoto open it and update it to the current format.

    Does this sound like a good plan? I know it's far from ideal, but what I have now is just a mess of events that have no names and I don't even think I found all of my older photos and vids that were in those events. And some are probably just thumbnails.

    If it helps, I've been using iLife for years and have been through many versions. I have the latest iLife and MacOS and I am using a MacBook Pro that was the last 17" model they sold.
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    iPhoto has always and still does use the "library" package format you mentioned. You should be able just just move one of the old ones over like you said and open it with the new version of iPhoto.

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