restoring ONLY contacts to iPhone?

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    Ok. So heres the deal: my phone got stuck in a loop after my customize/freeboard went haywire. I decided I'd go ahead and restore and jailbreak to 2.0, and everything went great. BUT when I went to restore my contacts and such, it restores ALL of my settings from 1.1.4 and re-imports whatever busted setting I had that made it loop in the first place.


    is there any way to restore just my contacts? For whatever reason, none of my contacts are stored in the address book. I googled around, but I cant seem to find anything.
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    Dec 6, 2009
    Anyone know the answer to this question?
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    If you're saying, as I believe the OP was saying, that you don't have the contacts in Address Book or your iPhone and only in the Backup, then you can read the backup with software (Backup Extractor) and then convert the created file with SQLite Database Manager. Supposedly you can get the file created with Backup Extractor to the iPhone with DiskAid, but I've never done it. Anyway, at least you'll have the data. If you could find a way to get the database file to Address Book, then that would help you get it to the iPhone.

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