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Dark Goob

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Jun 6, 2007
Portland, OR
Before I ask this question, please take a look at my system layout, just so that you know what I'm dealing with here: (see below for the actual question)

System Information:

Type: Mac Pro (Early 2009)

Internal Physical Drives & Volumes:

(A & B) - 4TB striped "Soft" RAID
(Composed of Two 2TB Hitachi 7K2000 drives)
#1 - OS X 10.7.4 main boot partition
#2 - Media storage partition
#3 - Archive storage partition
NOTE: There is no Lion "Recovery Partition" because
Apple does not allow a recovery partition for
a Lion install that is on a "soft" RAID (despite
the presence of non-RAID disks in the machine!).

(C) - 640GB Western Digital Caviar Blue drive
#4 - OS X 10.6.2 emergency partition
#5 - Bootcamp partition (Windows 7)
#6 - FAT32 partition for copying files between Mac & Bootcamp
(D) - 1TB Seagate Barracuda drive
#7 - Backup partition (used to store disk images of laptop)

External drives & volumes:

(E) - 4TB "Hard" RAID in Rocstor ArcticROC FW 800 housing
(Composed of Two 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green drives)
#8 - Time Machine partition (backs up all volumes on (A & B))

• If I update volume #1 above to 10.8, but then I need to restore volume #1 back to 10.7.4 using Time Machine, will I be able to? (I only ask because I have heard people say that you cannot restore from Time Machine onto a volume that exists on a "soft" RAID.)
• How would I perform this restore, since I will have neither a 10.8 startup DVD nor a "recovery partition" to boot up from? (Can I boot up from the 10.6.2 partition and do it from there?)

Thank you.
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