restricting access to shared folders/volumes on local network

Discussion in 'macOS' started by nick_harambee, Apr 1, 2007.

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    my main computer is a mac, but i am part of a network with several PCs. one of these pcs is my laptop and i have set up various shares using the 'SharePoints' utility so that this laptop can access folders and volumes on the Mac. what i would now like to do is to restrict access to some of the other PCs. to be specific i would like some of the PCs to be able to access folders as read-only and others to be blocked from accessing any of my shares (except the 'public' folder). i am not sure if i can restrict shares to certain PCs using SharePoints, or whether i need to use another method. i can't find a help section for SharePoints and would be grateful for some help


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    I have no experience with Sharepoints, but I set us a similar network in my lab with both Mac and PC's accessing our G5 PowerMac Running 10.4. Just turned on file and window sharing, and made a new user account called server with non-administrator priveledges that everone had access to. I am still able to log in remotely as an admin and get access to the entire system, but others can only see files in the server account. Then within that the server account, you can assigned certain folder read/write or read only etc. using cmd-i. I set no access to everything but the desktop, in which I make the appropriate subfolders. I'm sure there are much better ways but this has worked flawlessly for several years now.

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