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Discussion in 'iPad' started by ssajous, May 12, 2011.

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    I have a US itunes account and now live in France. I have read that now that I have a French address and credit card I can create a French account to get apps that are only sold in this market. Before I start buying apps that are only sold in this market, I was just wondering whether there are further restrictions that would prevent the French apps from coexisting with my US apps on the same device.

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    Things like hulu don't work outside US (IP-adress ranges); similar things happen in Amazon where regional restrictions apply in Kindle; at least I saw that in the past.

    Apps itself should run; didn't yet experienced problems; but others might have
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    This is how it works for me, I did this because I bought my original iPad whilst on holiday in NYC prior to iPad launch and App availability in the UK:-

    1. I have two Apple IDs (iTunes accounts) the existing one (UK) and a US one in my case - I therefore need to use two email addresses - let's call these accounts x and y
    2. I log on to account x and buy or update what I need (iTunes will automagically re-direct me to the correct country's store)
    3. I log on to account y and buy or update what I need (iTunes will automagically re-direct me to the correct country's store)

    It's a bit of a PITA to have to switch accounts to update Apps, but otherwise simple. If you no longer have the original account's credit card, then you may have to buy iTunes gift vouchers for that country and use those to top-up that account. These can generally be found on eBay, but caveat emptor as usual.


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