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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by SouthernMac, Oct 31, 2008.

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    So I have pretty good workflow going on an old Windows machine which I basically use as an iTunes server. I use an RSS feed to download some video files. I convert files to mp4 etc. automatically, and then I use a batch file and iTunes Library Updater to check my media folders every morning and make sure that all of the files that are in the folder have been added to iTunes. My only problem is that I stream all of my media content to my AppleTV and there is a stopping point here. I have to go on the computer and click "sync" on my AppleTV in order to have all the new files in iTunes visible to the Apple TV.

    This may be a simple question, but is there a way I can do this from the AppleTV menu? I really hate having to run upstairs and click "sync" just so AppleTV can see new files that are already in iTunes.
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    This is an Apple TV question, not iPod.

    OP: Yeah, I think there should be some way to sync it from Apple TV as well, but AFAIK there isn't. I have to do the same thing every morning as I download the Today podcast and watch it, but always have to go on the computer first to sync it.
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    I just installed VNC on my XP box running as the iTunes server and then I can access it anywhere in the house from another PC (usually I use the iPhone) and start the sync remotely... work around but it works...
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    can't you setup an automater action and have it record your movements and just set it to do it every day?

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