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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Chaoticfury09, Feb 11, 2015.

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    Aug 5, 2014
    Hey Guys,

    Just a quick question as I can not get a straight answer out of Apple. I went to the Apple store the other day and saw a genius who told me it would be $489 to replace the battery in my 15" retina macbook pro mid 2012. This seemed crazy high to me and I left without leaving it there. I went home and called Apple support who then called the store and someone else said $169. When she came back I told her what they had originally quoted and she said the price is whatever the store says but that $489 seemed high. I said the genius explained that the battery was glued in and it required the entire casing and trackpad and keyboard to be replaced. I made her call back and the guy said $169 again but said a genius would have to look at it. I am just wondering if anyone has had any experience and what the real price is. I should mention I am in Canada, and there is nothing wrong with the keyboard, or trackpad or body. It's pretty flawless.
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    That first genius is wrong. It would probably cost that much if those parts were damaged and needed to be replaced as well. Since they are fine, they will send them off somewhere to get cleaned up (adhesive removed) for re-use in future battery replacements for other units. That cleaning cost of the removed parts is built into the $169 cost for the new battery.

    The AppleCare person told you that they (the Apple Store) would have to look at it most likely because whoever they spoke to couldn't state for sure if your laptop had any damage to those parts. Either because they couldn't remember or it wasn't the same person that you initially spoke to.

    Stick up for yourself, and don't let anyone walk over you, and I'm sure they'll only have you pay the $169, once they see that your system has no damage to it. It's annoying to have to go through such a hassle, but that's the norm when dealing with people ... Sometimes you come across ones like that.

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