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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by mattspace, Apr 3, 2017.

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    So, where are we headed, and what are the options?

    I'm getting to the stage where standard resolutions (1920x1200 24") are no longer accurate to preview content that's being deployed on iPad - its effectively back to the bad old days of low-res previews in DTP.

    So where to for higher DPI? Try to pick up a remaining (now discontinued) Dell UP2715k 5K, and an MVC 980ti, and then live with the seemingly enormous lists of the display's quirks, which seem to include never being able to reliably sleep your machine...

    ...or what? The AMD 480 cards seem to have multiple DP1.4 ports, so theoretically that should be able to do single cable 5k, but then again, the only standalone 5k display being made now, is LG's non-rotating asymmetrical-bezel Thunderbolt only one. Are they likely to make a DP version (and not make it suck)?

    From what I'm hearing from a friend at Dell everyone is going 4k/8k now, in which case what are the options for a ~27-30" retina display? Are we going to need to push 8k from a cMP? Would the AMD 480 theoretically be able to do it over 2x DP1.4? (then again, at about 1/4 the price of a MVC980Ti, buying a 480 as a short term disposable card doesn't seem so bad).

    My major software is heavily OpenGL-based for computational photography, so trying to figure a GPU for that, which can also drive a hi-res monitor reliably, so many gotchyas for every option...
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    Great post, unfortunately I don't think there are great answers to your questions.
    I too am in this predicament.
    4K is a poor substitute for 5K but there are zero good 5K options for the cMP.
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    From some recent discussions @ I think that the UP2715K actually works better with Radeon GPUs. It requires some software modifications to work (which no one tried on a cMP, as far as I can tell), but after doing so it seems to be pretty plug'n'play without any major issues.
    Biggest drawback might be the fact that we'll most likely never get boot screens like that.

    A RX 480 should be able to push 5K (and even 8K, thanks to the new compression in DP 1.4 spec) through a single cable. However it's doubtful that Apple has implemented support for this. Their only DP 1.3/1.4 capable GPUs are sitting in a MBP, which is artificially limited by Thunderbolt (no DP 1.3/1.4 support).
    It's quite unlikely that they've implemented DP 1.3/1.4 support for cMP and Hackintosh users... :rolleyes: Shouldn't be a lot of work, but macOS is still lacking proper HDMI 2.0 support (which was specified in 2013...), so I wouldn't expect a lot.
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    If 4k i good enough for you, please know I am successfully running a low-cost 4k TV via AMD RX 460 into a "Club" DP>HDMI adaptor @ 60Hz thanks to SwitchResX. If 30 Hz is good enough for you, you get that without the adaptor or SwitchResX.

    2009 MP keeps on truckin'

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