Retina iMac available for in store pickup today (US)

Discussion in 'iMac' started by ddarko, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. ddarko macrumors 6502

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    Was just using the Apple Store app and noticed that the retina iMac is in stock and available for pickup today in many Apple retail stores. In NYC, all the stores except grand central show available today for pickup and similar widespread availability in Los Angeles. It's a bit more patchy in Philadelphia with most stores not showing stock. Anyway, if a store has stock, they may very well have a display model set up.
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    Yeah but that's not gonna change. Unlike other lines like the regular iMac or MacBook, the only stock configuration of the retina iMac is the base model so that's all the stores are going to carry. Anything else will be build to order.
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    Which is kind of bizarre. It seems really strange that they aren't offering an optioned up model for stock. There are probably quite a few people who would spend an extra thousand bucks if they could, but would rather have the machine now.
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    High End Models Are Available Sometimes

    Last year, when I bought my MacBook Pro Retina 15, fully loaded, the online order was still in processing when the Apple stores started getting some in. I called around and they do get high end models in sometimes. Never showed on their online inventory either. Found a fully maxed one almost right away and cancelled the online order. No luck on the iMac yet though. Give it a few days.
  6. ddarko, Oct 22, 2014
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    You were able to get the high end MacBook Pro at the store because there is a separate stock SKU for it - the MacBook Pro has two "stock" models, the base and the high end that all the retail stores carry. The retina iMac only has a single stock SKU - 8gb/1tb drive/2gb m290x - what we're calling the base model. A high end stock version won't show up at the stores in a couple days because it doesn't exist. If you want anything that deviates from the stock specs, you're going to have to BTO and get it delivered to you directly or an Apple store.

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