Retina Macbook and 15w Quick Charge

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by attis, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. attis macrumors member

    Nov 18, 2012
    For a few weeks I've looked for a USB-charger that could keep my 12" Macbook topped up when on the go. But all 2.1 / 2.4 A chargers fall 4-6 Watts short and the battery in the Macbook slowly drains while using, and the charging when closed is real slow. I've gotten best results with a Powergorilla Minigorilla with iPad adapter that slowly puts juice in the Macbook when in my bag.

    But after looking for 3A chargers online without success, I thought, why not try one of those usually-only-for-android-users-with-huge-phones-quick-charge-things. Since the USB-C charger that comes with the Macbook is way more than 5V, some Android phones have USB-C too, and the Macbook seems to accept most power sources, I thought there might be a small chance of it working.


    I'm now powering my Macbook with a (really tiny I might add) Samsung USB charger, and charging with 2-5 Watts at the same time. When the Macbook is closed, it seems to charge as fast as my 15" RMBP with a 60 W (13") Magsafe charger. Now I can leave the 29 W charger at home and use ONE power source for my Macbook, iPhone, Wifi hotspot and bluetooth speaker! Sure, still a clutter of cables, but thats an issue for another time.
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    Well, congratulations. I am also searching for a USB charger that can really charge my MacBook.
    Could you please link the actual product so that I can also buy it?
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    Nov 18, 2012
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    It must be a bit slower than the supplied Apple charger ?

    Apple 110/240v 14.5v - 2.0A or 5.2v - 2.4A

    Samsung 110/240v 9.0v - 1.67A or 5.0v - 2.0A

    It's a bit smaller than the Apple charger as it does not have the wall extension socket


    But a good solution to only carry one power supply for multiple products

  6. attis thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 18, 2012
    Of course it's slower - it's only up to 15 W, unlike the 29 W Apple charger. The math seems to translate to about double charge times in real life. Also, the EU-version is even smaller than the UK (?) one, I would say 1/3 the volume. And then there's the benefit of a standard USB outlet and not only USB-C;
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    It's weird, my samsung Adaptive Fast Charger can only give me 2 Watts, compared to 12W of iPad Charger.
    Anybody has any comment on this problems?

    I tried many cables, but the result was same.

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