Retina MacBook Pro - After repair, discrete NVidia Graphics have disappeared!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by gwelmarten, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Jan 17, 2011
    Hi There,

    I've just taken my Retina MacBook Pro into an apple store for repair. I was having some problems with the graphics. After taking the MacBook home, and opening the about this Mac window, I noticed that the NVidia discrete graphics had disappeared and it was showing the Intel integrated graphics instead (shown in image below). Although the Nvidia graphics are still noted within the full system report they don't seem to be active. The system lags when I'm doing intensive graphical work as well, like it didn't do before.

    Has anybody had any experiences of this? This is a 2012 regular MacBook Pro. Can anyone think of a way for me to test if the discrete graphics are working? I know I can now record my screen which I couldn't before (because of the void between the integrated and discrete graphics - which resulted in you getting just a green screen)?

    Attached is a screenshot showing my current about this mac screen where it shows the Intel integrated graphics listed, and one which shows what it used to look like listing the Nvidia graphics. Also are two screenshots showing my full system report for both the Intel integrated graphics and the NVideo discrete graphics (which are listed there, but have less information attached to them). Does anybody have any thoughts on what is happening here?



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    I also question why your processor speed is now different (2.6 GHz, where it was 2.7 GHz on the earlier screen)
    Maybe a free "upgrade" for your repair?
    How did your Apple store explain THAT?

    You should be able to turn off automatic graphics switching.
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    The earlier screenshot was from another 2012 Retina MacBook Pro - not the same machine after the repair - purely used for comparison as this is what was visible on mine before the repair, but unfortunately I can't go back in time :D

    Thanks for the link on graphics switching - reading now.


    Ah - toggling graphics switching bought the other back to the About this mac screen. Thanks.
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    The System Information window will show the Graphics chip that is currently activated. If you go into iPhoto and scroll around a bit, this will cause the nVidia graphics to kick in and you should see it reflected in System Information at that time.

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