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Sep 24, 2011
A retina macbook pro with a 2.6GHz quad core (or 2.7 GHz) AND 16 GB of ram is cheaper then the "old" macbook pro with the same processor and just 8 GB of ram if you also choose the same 512 GB SSD.

That is awesome! :)


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May 3, 2009
if you also choose the same 512 GB SSD.
Most members here won't choose the apple SSD for the "classic" MBP because apple charges a premium and you'll save money by purchasing elsewhere.

The advantage of the regular MBP is that you can add more ram, replace the drive and even pull the optical drive and add a second drive.

The advantage of the retina display is that it has an awesome display, lighter, thinner.


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Jun 27, 2007
Central U.S.
Yeah I noticed that but you won't hear anyone talking about it. They just complain that it costs too much. For instance:

Base model 15" MBP with ONLY 256GB SSD upgrade (so only 4GB of ram, no hi-res, only 2.3GHz, only 512MB video, etc) is $2299.

Base model 15" Retina MBP comes with double the ram (8GB), double the graphics ram (1GB), 256GB SSD, and four times the pixel resolution using a new IPS display with better black levels, contrast and viewing angles, better cooling system, better speakers, dual microphones in a package that is 25% thinner and is only $2199. It's $100 cheaper for much better parts!

Bottom line: people don't do the math. To get the base model 15" as close as possible to the retina base model, you would need to add more ram and up the display as high as it will go. The result? $2499, or $300 more and the video ram is still lacking. I actually think the Retina MacBook Pro is a good deal—especially for the next generation of computing. They did say that it's the most advanced Mac they've ever shipped. And I also believe they said it has the highest resolution notebook display EVER in the WORLD. Haha. So $2199 is a steal, and even better if you're a student at $1999 plus $100 iTunes credit.
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