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Oct 24, 2013
This is my 4th replacement Retina Macbook Pro from Apple. All the others either had quite noticeable uneven temperature or creaking cases.

This new 4th replacement has a perfect (or near perfect) screen and no creaking. Unfortunately, it is louder than my first one (which I will be sending back to Apple tomorrow). Specifically, whenever the computer is under load there is a faint static sounding noise coming from the right keyboard under the arrow keys. The noise sounds kind of like a old fashioned HD but quieter and with some static added in. Now, as the noise is only noticeable in a quiet room and only when the computer is under load, I can live with it, but I want to be sure the computer isn't going to break a few months down the road because of this.

I noticed that my first retina from Apple makes all the same noises as this one. However, overall they are less pronounced on the first one. I would have to put my ear to the keyboard in a quiet room to hear the noises on my old one 80% of the time. Only when it's booting up or under very heavy load can I hear the noises in my old computer without putting my ear to the keyboard. This replacement is just louder. I can hear the noises in a quiet room whenever opening a program in addition to booting up etc.

Now, I thought perhaps it was the SSD so I switched the SSDs. However, this actually made the situation worse. So, I put them back.

Also, whether the computer is plugged in and screen brightness seem irrelevant. The only thing that seems relevant is whether the computer is under load.

So, I know this may sound like someone who is just being narcotic. And I am willing to admit that I am being slightly narcotic. I guess I just want to be sure that this machine doesn't have a problem before my 14 day window passes. So, if anyone has any information on this I would appreciate it.

I would really like to avoid returning this computer, because I doubt I will get another one with a perfect screen and no creaking.


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Oct 2, 2012
Are we the only people who had this issue? I returned 2 rMBP's with this issue which is some sort of defect obviously. Either I'm unlucky or this is a widespread problem? ( I had a rMBP which didn't have this issue, but it has a dead pixel )


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Aug 25, 2013
Its most likely the video card (either the 750, or even the iris pro). It is not uncommon and the layman's term for the noise you are probably experiencing is called "coil whine."

Nothing is wrong with your machine. Some cards make louder noise than others and it is perfectly normal.

If you have to stick your ear to the keyboard just to hear it. Then ignore it. If it is so loud that you can hear it even under normal circumstances - you may want to consider an exchange.
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