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  1. tablatom macrumors member

    Oct 8, 2009
    I am going to buy a MBP but i am not sure about a retina or non retina.

    Please give me your suggestions to......

    With the RETINA, 2 thunderbolt ports,1 HDMI port and 2 USB3 ports.

    This seems like a good option. I will be using my HDMI screen at home.
    I will use a thunderbolt HDD for my audio and back up, and a focusrite saffire LE firewire interface.

    If i was going for the Retina, i could get a thunderbolt-firewire adaptor for the Saffire LE.

    With the NON RETINA, 1 thunderbolt port, 1 firewire800 port, 2 USB3 ports, ethernet port.

    I would have to get an external thunderbolt drive that has 2 ports so i could daisy chain the HDMI screen using a thunderbolt-HDMI adaptor.
    Hopefully there will be a portable bus powered thunderbolt drive that has 2 ports out sometime soon.
    I could use a USB3 HDD but i really want to go with Thunderbolt speeds for streaming audio and fast back ups.

    With the retina not having one i was thinking about burning CD's for mastering, sending my finished mixes to be duplicated.
    In the past i have always sent a CD.
    With the Retina i'd need a good quality external drive, like the Apple super drive.
    If someone can give a good alternative to sending finished mixes other than a CD i'd like to hear it.
    By having an external drive it kind of cancels out the weight/ size savings of the retina when traveling.

    8gb or 16gb of ram with Logic pro @64bit?
    Logic seems so efficient @64bit. It seems that 3rd party 64bit plug-ins are much more efficient too. I have used Waves 32bit plug-ins and some of them are very greedy.
    I feel that 8gb of ram would be enough, but 16gb would be for sure enough.
    I am tempted to get a RETINA that has 8gb of ram as it saves £160.00
    And with the NON RETINA i can up-grade with cheap 3rd party ram later.

    So its either going to be

    a NON RETINA 2.3ghz or 2.6ghz MBP with the minimum possible ram ( thats 4gb for the 2.3 and 8gb for the 2.6 ) and the standard low end HDD's.
    With Apple care thats £1778.00 for the 2.3GHZ and £2.078.00 for the 2.6ghz


    a RETINA 2.6ghz with 8gb or 16gb of ram and 256gb flash drive with apple care.

    Thats £2178.00 for the 8gb of ram choice and £2,338.00 for the 16gb choice.

    To boost-up the NON RETINA I already have a good SSD so no extra cost there, but 16gb of ram costs £70. I already have a Thunderbolt HDMI adaptor too.
    So that would make the NON RETINA totals £1850 and £2150.

    For the RETINAS i might have to buy a Apple superdrive £65.00, a thunderbolt ether-net adaptor £25.00 and a thunderbolt firewire adaptor £30.00.
    This would make the 2 RETINA choices £2298 and £2458.

    I am quite sure that any of the above options would make great logic pro work horses. I work mainly with audio, up to 30 tracks usually and at times up to 10 tracks of software instruments at the same time.
    I like to use 3rd party plug-ins like "old timer" and "Kramer MPX" tape saturation etc, so they might warrant the faster processor and 16gb of ram.

    I think if one is going for the RETINA, the 2.6ghz is only £100.00 more than the 2.3ghz, thats a no-brainer to go for the 2.6ghz option.

    The battery in the RETINA is replaceable when it dies in the future and maybe the flash drive could be replaced by a trustworthy repairer when and if it dies.

    The HI-RES option with the NON RETINA is a no go option for me. The text with logic is to small for me and lowering the resolution made it look worse than the standard screen at the same resolution, don't know why. I tested this at an apple store yesterday.
    The RETINA screen is just superb, no massive reflections from around the room, and when i lowered the resolution to something like 1200x800 it still all looked razor sharp!! The screen is a big plus point.

    So i am very close to making my choice, please give me your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. Orlandoech macrumors 68040


    Jun 2, 2011
    Salt Lake City, UT
    I'm a fan of the Retina so that's where my vote goes to.
  3. tablatom thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 8, 2009
    Are you using one with Logic pro?
  4. msmperc macrumors newbie

    Sep 16, 2012
    Retina w/ maxed out RAM. I imagine Logic Pro will get a Retina update soon enough (if it hasn't already? I'm mostly an Ableton user, so I'm not really sure).

    CDs are a way of the past, dude. There are a million better alternatives to sending mixes. SoundCloud, Dropbox, etc. An external disc drive could still be a handy tool to have, but as far as sending mixes and other files, online "cloud" type hosting is really the way to go. Practically instantaneous, always available, no need to worry if for some reason you don't have your disc drive with you.

    The rMBP is the most "future-proof" computer right now. If you're investing in a machine for multiple years to come, Retina.
  5. tablatom thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 8, 2009
    Thanks mate, I have been using YOUSEND-IT for a while, so i guess i would use that.
    Have to put my Star trek box sets on a HDD:)
    Hmm, looks like a retina is a comin'.

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