Retrieve deleted SMS from jailbroken iPhone 2G

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    Mar 4, 2012
    Okay so I am new with all of this, and I am trying to get a recently deleted text message off of my jailbroken iPhone 2G. The text message was deleted Feburary 28, 2012 and I havent really used my phone that much since. I have never synched or backed up this phone since I got it, and it isn't activated into iTunes yet on a computer. I bought the iPhone Spy Stick this morning, but I am impatient so I googled other ways to possibly be able to retrieve the message without using it and I came across a way using DiskAid. I plugged in my phone to my computer and followed the steps for DiskAid. However, Diskaid only gave me the messages, contacts, and numbers that were on my phone after I deleted what I am trying to retrieve.

    I also tried TextPad, which couldn't find anything I tried to locate. I'm thinking that that method didn't work, because I have never backed up or synched my phone to a computer before. I am now guessing that my best bet is to wait till I get the Spy Stick in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday and try with that. I hope that works, because I paid $145.00 for it! However, now I am kind of worried that I may have possibly messed up my chances using that by being impatient and trying to use DiskAid to recover the text. Do you think that I just overwrote the data by plugging my phone into the computer and loading my data using DiskAid even though it didn't really work as I was expecting. I really hope I didn't just mess everything up with my impatience! Someone please reassure me that I can still use the Spy Stick like I should be able to, because I just paid an arm and a leg for this thing! :(

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