Retrieve iTunes media from TimeMachine or Match/Cloud?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by dmaxdmax, Jun 22, 2013.

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    For 6 years I have run iTunes from an Old MacBookPro with the media on an external wireless drive - USB connected to a Time Capsule. The CD/DVD burner is failing so I decided to move iTunes to the New MBP, figuring that since the media was on a shared drive it should be a piece of cake. HA!

    Everything was fine until I opened iTunes on New MBP. What I think happened is that the software started deleting media from the external because it isn't in the New iTunes app. When I opened the media folder in the finder I see entire artists and albums are gone! I do use Time Machine on Old and New MBPs. On occasion I detach the USB from the Time Capsule and attach it to a laptop so it backs up with TimeCapsule.

    The music is still in the Cloud and I can play it from my iPhone or AppleTV.

    Can I simply have the Cloud/Match download my music back to the media folder on the USB drive? It would seem best since while I run Time Capsule I have no idea how I would go about getting the media and app files to link together in the same place. It would be hard if not impossible. Also, since a Match update ran yesterday I assume everything matchable is there and I'm just stuck with un-Matched items, many of which I wouldn't notice missing.

    Help please!
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    Are you positive that the media (on the external) is being deleted... and that you are not looking at "different copy" of an iTunes media folder created on your new iMac. iTunes should not be deleting media.

    Alternately: Are you positive that your entire media collection was stored on the external? If there ever was a time that you did not use the "keep lTunes library organized" and "copy media to the iTunes folder when importing to the library"... you might have your original media in more than one location.

    To answer your questions about iTunes Match... yes, you can download the music to your new machine. In cases where the music matched, you will get a copy of Apple's 256 AAC. In cases where the music did NOT match... you will still get the music in whichever format or bit rate you originally ripped it.

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    The media was definitely deleted. It doesn't show up on a spotlight search nor can I find it by clicking around in the finder. It isn't in the music folders on the laptop or external. It's gone-goodbye which is quite honestly unbelievable.

    There have been times when the external drive became disconnected and iTunes looked for the media in its default location but I always changed the location back to the external and kept the "organized" and "copy files" options checked.

    Does restoring from the cloud physically copy every item down to my disk or does it know to replace missing items? They still show in the app with an exclamation point and a "cannot find" error message when selected.

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