Return of the 30in Apple Dispay?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Couredelion1, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Couredelion1, Oct 27, 2011
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    Aug 21, 2011
    All this talk of a physical Apple TV has me wondering, could Apple return to the 30in Display? Technically, 32 inches is roughly the entry mark for a living room tv/display. So could Apple produce a cinema display type product, and brand it as a TV? In addition, there are a few upcoming changes in the home theater market to consider. 4K resolution. We all know of Apples disdain for bluray, providing a online outlet for 4k resolution media might give Apple the jump into the market. In addition, Ivy Bride will reportbly support both the 4k format, and any monitors that would support that resolution. Finnaly, I can't help but think that Apple is certainly aware of the Mac mini's popularity as a media PC. With a 30-32 in display and a Mac mini, they have a redy made home theater solution, that would support 4K. Most of the rumors assume that Apple will relase an Apple TV in a short while. However, with a monitor, they could compleatly control the products design, quality ect. without having to make a name for themselves in an extreamly tough market. Especially when you consider that apple displays are alredy well regarded in their market.
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    Unlikely. If there are any refreshes, it will probably be a 27" 3840x2160 IPS panel which was announced by LG last Spring.
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    I would expect 4K would be wasted on a 32" display. A 132" display, on the other hand... ;)

    I expect that only if Apple decides to make an iMac with a display larger than 27" would we see an equivalent standalone display.
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    It wouldn't be any more wasted than the current iPhone displays at 300+ dpi; such a high resolution on a screen of that size would give a very sharp, crisp-looking image, assuming source has the same high resolution of course...

    A good upsampling filter could help to some degree with existing video, but since you can't create new detail out of existing data it would only be an approximation/fakery.

    I wouldn't expect 4k displays from Apple or anyone else anytime soon though due to Apple's disdain of BR - which is the only feasible medium to carry such high-resolution video. The bitrate needed for 4k without totally destroying the image with compression is much, much too high for 90+ percent of all broadband users out there, so streaming across the internet is pretty much out except for Japan and South Korea maybe. Who in their right mind would want to wait for half a day or more before being able to watch a movie?

    Also, who would want to blow their monthly data cap from watching just one feature movie?

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