return of the RSD


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Dec 20, 2003
mine is fixed now (yes I am & was runing 10.4.8 but it started allready when running 10.4.7...) so I got a new heatsink, and topcase + screenbezel (2nd time...) the guy who handed my repaired macbook looked surprised when I told him it was the 2nd topcase they had to install... and that he hoped this was the last time I had to come back in the shop for a repair on the macbook, I do hope that too :s

for now its running fine, but no sight of any change in temp, still 55°C when doing nothing much... O whatever as long as it works...

I told the guy at the shop it's a risk... buying a new line of mac's the second they come out... he agreed and said he allways waits 3/4months before buying a rev A prod... to see if any faults come visible, if they don't then he will buy one... I wish I waited a little longer ;)

good luck to you all... and I hope I won't be posting new errors regarding the macbook... in the months/years to come ;-)


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Jun 30, 2006
aleni said:
Check the system.log in system profiler. if the previous shutdown cause is 0 then its normal, but its a weird number something like 75, or 82, then your macbook is getting the syndrome. u better knock on wood.
Well I tried parsing the system log. I found the two times where I restarted the machine after the RSDs, there is no error message indicating shutdown or something similar. And the last logged items before the boot sequence does'nt indicate an error at all. I did find the two error messages from the airport driver about not finding a WAP password in the keychain several lines
before the shutdown. Hmm...

Anyway haven't had a RSD for 3 days ... knock knock ...