Return unopened Iphone bought on ATT NEXT plan?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by radiologyman, Apr 9, 2016.

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    I have agreed to buy ATT Iphone on ATT NEXT plan clearly stating that I want it to be paid off in 2 years, i.e. 24 installments and have it in writing as copy of my chat. Got email with agreement for 30 installments meaning total price will be higher :( Can I just return it to ATT and owe nothing? No contract?
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    Total price on NEXT should always be the same, no?

    Looks like they put you on Next 24 (which has 30 payments, but you can upgrade after 24) instead of Next 18 (which has 24 payments, but you can upgrade after 18).
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    How long ago did you have this chat session? I would call as soon as possible before you receive the iPhone.

    No you can't just "return it", you need to follow the cancellation process as defined in the Agreement that it appears you have agreed to complete. It should be easy but you need to follow the process correctly. Have you clicked on any links from the emails to "Accept the Next contract"? When you return the iPhone make sure that you have tracking and insurance on the package. The return of the device does not automatically cancel you Next agreement. You really need to call or stop by a Corp retail location.

    It sounds like you wanted the Next 18 which would have been 24 installments but allows you to upgrade at 18 months. If the email says 30 installments then you have a Next 24, which allows you to upgrade after 24 but has 30 installments to pay. Here is a link that explains the Next choices:

    Your Termination Rights. Within the first 14 days after service activation, you may terminate your Agreement for any reason and not be required to pay an ETF. If you terminate within three (3) days of accepting the Agreement, AT&T will refund your activation fee, if any. However, you agree to pay AT&T for all fees, charges, and other amounts incurred and owed under your Agreement, and you agree to return to AT&T any Equipment you purchased from AT&T in connection with your Service Commitment. If you fail to return this Equipment, you will be charged the difference between the amount you paid AT&T for the Equipment and the amount you would have been charged for the Equipment had you not agreed to a Service Commitment. AT&T also may charge you a restocking fee for any returned Equipment. Some dealers may impose additional fees.


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    I have not signed the agreement yet so they will not ship it. I called to cancel my lines with Udp in return to cancelling my contract and was offered Next upgrade that will cancel my contract and I specifically asked for 2 year repayment period, which I have in writing in my chat transcript. 30 vs 24 installments extend the length of contract which for me changes price of the upgrade. And my UDPs already gone. I was thinking if I accept agreement but return the phones after receiving them, will my contract be canceled?
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    The price of the phone is the same, you just have a lower monthly bill extended to 30 months. I did this with my 6 plus and paid it off early, 14 months into the 30 month payment plan.
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    Your NEXT payment is the price of the phone divided by the number of months. A longer contract has a lower monthly payment. Adds up to the same price at the end.

    $649 iPhone on Next 18 (where it's paid off in 24 months) = $27.08/month
    $649 iPhone on Next 24 (where it's paid off in 30 months) = $21.67/month

    All installment plans (regardless of the number of months) should add up to be the price of the phone, and nothing more.
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    You can pay as much as you want and pay it off in 24 months. The fact that you could extend it to 30 months makes no difference. There is no difference in the price. Just pay it off whenever you want to.

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