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    Don't know if this is the right section but thought I'd ask. I'm in the UK and the 'Live Chat' support on the Apple UK website is closed as it's 10.20pm here.


    We purchased a 5K iMac a couple of weeks ago (12th January) however as it was a custom/upgraded spec (4.0GHz i7, M395X) it took a week for delivery (we received it on the 19th January). It works perfectly, however we have decided that a Retina Macbook Pro would better suit our needs and we would like to return this iMac and exchange for a rMBP which costs around £500 less.

    I don't want the hassle of returning it to a Pickup point or waiting for Apple to collect, so want to return it to my nearest Apple store (which is 45 minutes away).

    Can I do this? Will they be able to process the refund of the price difference AND allow me to exchange for a rMBP (if they have it in stock)?

    I am NOT the credit cardholder - it is in my wife's name. However, I have the receipt/invoice and I have the original credit card (again not in my name). Will this be sufficient to process the exchange/refund? I understand the refund of the difference (approx £500) will be refunded directly back onto the credit card we paid with, which is fine.
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    Ring your local store in the owning and ask the ins and outs...
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    Call them to be sure. I've gotten conflicting information on that once before. One store wouldn't take an online purchase back and on another occasion another did. Of course the policy may have changed in between the years of those two examples. In a sense it doesn't matte what we say, it matters what the store says, we all could say yes, but if the local apple store says no you're out of luck.

    In the past for returns, I was required to swipe the credit card that was used to purchase the item I was returning. To avoid issues, you should have your wife's credit card with you.
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    Just send it back via UPS as it will be a lot less hassle than going to an Apple store and having to wait for ages to see someone. You also have a lot more consumer rights if it stays as a mail order purchase.
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    Unless something has changed, you can't. Apple Retail is separate from Apple Online.

    What you can do to avoid as much hassle as possible is call up AppleCare/Customer support and tell them you want to exchange for another computer. They will send you the new computer and charge your credit card and you can schedule a pick up from your residence to return the iMac you don't want. You will get credit back once they receive the iMac. All this can be done without you leaving the house.

    EDIT: You can buy online and return at Apple Store as per my friend that is currently employed at one.
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    I don't know about UK, but I returned a online-purchased refurb Mac Mini last year (within the prescribed return window) at my local Apple Store, was in & out in 5 minutes. Credit back to my card (did not have to produce it) no questions asked.

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