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    Feb 16, 2014
    Is Japan the only country in 2014 that makes you pay for return shipping? I ordered a few things (keyboard and mouse) in order to facilitate the set-up of my Mac Mini upgrade, and then I set up the return online it has me print labels to put on the outside of the boxes, but upon calling Apple Japan, they said I must pay for the return shipping.

    The first guy I spoke to was Aussie and he laughed in disbelief, who then connected me to a someone in Japanese sales who then went on for a good solid 5 minutes that it's not their problem that I'm not happy with the products. So after possibly overstating that Japan is the only country in the world who doesn't offer free shipping on returns, she "made an exception" and send a delivery service for free pick up.

    Just wondering what other countries around the globe might have this same problem. Ever since moving to Japan 5-6 years ago, I feel it's kind easy to trick Apple into replacing products even if you send them in for repair, but most basic services are at least 4th world country by standard. Not to mention it's laughable to call their dedicated English speaking sales line to be told that the 1 person there who speaks English isn't there at the moment.
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    The policy seems to vary, at least within Apple. I did a quick perusal of the and the equivalent for several other countries (change /us/ to /jp/ for Japan, /uk/ for England, /de/ for Germany, /br/ for Brazil, etc). Most seem to indicate Apple will pay for or provide return shipping; Japan and Brazil are two that require the customer to pay.

    Outside Apple, at least in the USA, it's much more common for the customer to pay for return shipping. Amazon, for example, offers free return shipping only on select categories of items.
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    Mar 20, 2013
    It's hit or miss with free return shipping in the States.

    I think it should be standard, but I also think shipping should be included in the price as well. Since that is how they do business, it's not like I can order it for pickup!
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    Sep 19, 2013
    If you ordered some items in order to make it easier to set up your mac with the intention of returning them afterwards, do you think it's fair for Apple to pay for all the packing, shipping, shipping, unpacking, refurbing, selling for reduced price associated with that? Or was there a problem with the items?

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