Rev. B screen issues relationship with week it is made

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by NYU02, Dec 15, 2008.

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    I am looking to buy a new MBA rev B. After driving myself crazy on this site worrying about which laptop to buy and all the problems people have with each model I decided to go with MBA rev. B. From what I understand it is now powerful enough to use as my main comp (to a degree) and the only main issue seems to be the screen. I noticed the difference between rev A and rev B screens and I did see the lines when I checked it out at the apple store a couple times. I notice from the forums that this issue might not be widespread and it might just be from a batch made during a few weeks. Here are my questions:

    1) Is the screen issue related to only a few weeks made? If so, which ones?

    2) Is there a way before I open the comp to check the box and see what week it was made?

    3) Is this an issue apple can fix with an update?

    4) I am looking at getting the comp at an auth. reseller not close to me because I have a credit there. If I do get a bad one and apple agrees, can I exchange it at an apple store near me.

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    If there is a screen issue that Apple has yet to acknowledge, then I would say it could be related to a certain week number. However, people with week 44 machines have reported lines and no lines. These people are in the US and outside the US. I have yet to see anyone take the time to sit down and figure out if all users experiencing the issue are in or out of the US. There is a known issue outside the US that involves 4 finger swipe and the lack of it on those machines. However, there does not seem to be a direct correlation between the country where one purchased the machine and the alleged line issue that a few people have posted about.

    I believe the serial number is outside the box. The week number is within that long number.

    I will be surprised if anyone truly knows what casuses the lines. I have been in a number of stores (4) and found no lines on any screens. I have seen someone's Rev B and short of actually molesting the screen with my face, I saw no lines. If this is an issue, and I would say a few people here may have that issue, it is hard to give the cause therefore, it would be impossible to give a solution. At this point, all cause and effects are theories.

    Your machine, if purchased at an authorized reseller, will have to be returned to that reseller. Apple will not accept a return in-store. They will however honor their warranty should something break within one year from date of purchase through AppleCare.

    Good luck with your purchase. Enjoy it if you can. You can worry all you want, save your pennies if you must, but the fact of the matter is, you could find that you have a perfect machine or it can be a real disaster. Who really knows. It is, in fact, an electronic device where all electronic devices are prone to faults. Even Apple products.

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