revert from 10.12.3 to 10.12.2 due to bugs

Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by Galacticos, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Galacticos macrumors 6502a


    Apr 5, 2016
    i literally just upgraded to 10.12.3 and its crashing programs and not maintaining wifi connection that has been fine for a years. i need to downgrade and I'm wondering is there a simple way to do this? can i just download the older software and install as if it were the new version or do i have to create a bootable drive etc?

    i don't have a recent back up so will it work by backing up my computer on the current version and then trying to restore that backup onto the older version of macOS

    (i recommend not updating to this software)
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    Jul 16, 2010
    ny somewhere
    you're having a problem, it's not universal (we're not all having those issues). try, perhaps, reinstalling the update. you can use the combo update:

    when you say fine for years... you mean, in sierra? did you update from 10.12.2?
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    Apr 5, 2016
    ill give using that one a go. thanks

    i realise not everyone is having the problem but wifi problems aren't a minor disruption.

    i mean i have never had wifi connection problems so this is definitely related to this update. yes i updated from 10.12.2
  4. Galacticos, Jan 24, 2017
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    Apr 5, 2016
    i tried the combo and it didn't solve the issues.

    is there anyway to revert to 10.12.2 without wiping my computer?

    or is it possible to do a time machine backup on a newer version of macOS (10.12.3), wipe my computer and install 10.12.2 and then restore from the 10.12.3 backup?
  5. ag29, Jan 24, 2017
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    Oct 7, 2014
    First I'd do a backup right now if you can.

    Downgrading without an earlier backup is going to be a complicated mess, I'd actually recommend to try updating to the beta 10.12.4 and see if that fixes the issues.

    Once the betas are over and the actual 10.12.4 gets released you can simply untake part in the beta program. If the beta doesn't help in any way, you can simply downgrade using your backup.

    Edit: The public beta for 10.12.4 is not out yet, try reinstalling current OS and forgetting all known Wifi networks and re-connecting to them.
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    Apr 5, 2016
    When you say complicated mess, are you talking about the fact that a restore from backup doesn't carry over all settings etc so the computer won't be as it was before this recent upgrade?
  7. Lz0 macrumors regular

    Jul 20, 2002

    Yer I'm going to have to back this view. I've just updated to 10.12.3 and instantly found there to be many BIG bugs. T 10.12.2 was fantastic. no problems at all.

    Firstly I was forced into two factor authentication because the system prefs asked me to login to iCloud many times with no effect, and when I worked out that my wifi had been reset and then after entering my wifi password twice and then my iCloud password 3 or 4 times it would not let me passed a window asking me to reset and update (or some other #$%@ annoying thing) my iCloud keychain.

    I had been trying to avoid two factor authentication because there are times where I have wired (slow) internet access but no phone network. Note to the kids at Apple: This is Australia. It's BIG and in much of the country there is no mobile phone reception. What the %$#@ am I going to do with two factor authentication when I can't receive an SMS? NOT EVERY ONE LIVES IN SYDNEY! And you don't have to go far up the Hawksbury before the banjos start twanging.

    So this update tried to force me into two factor authentication but then when I restarted it had decided not to bother any more???

    I then fired up Photoshop (yes I have a paid for copy) and BANG my screen was flickering, top menu bar was flickering, I've never seen anything like it previously.

    Again I restarted... and here I am.

    I'm sure the kids at Apple are sick of hearing this, but I will say it again - this sort of thing didn't happen when Steve was running things.


    EDIT: I do need to add on a positive note. Yesterday I updated my Watch and iPhone with no problems.
  8. Galacticos thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Apr 5, 2016
    yep, my second big problem is a graphics/video card problem too. hopefully its glaring enough that its fixed in the next few days.

    agree that 10.12.2 was great, and also agree that under steve cook this stuff never happened (to me).
  9. ayeying macrumors 601


    Dec 5, 2007
    Yay Area, CA
    No one forced a two factor on you. You just didn't read.

    I know because I was setting up a friend's MBP and we updated to 10.12.3 and encountered the same "pop up" and was able to bypass it with no effort or no nagging at all. If you read all the options, there is one that allows you to NOT setup two factor.
  10. CoastalOR macrumors 68020


    Jan 19, 2015
    Oregon, USA
    It is bad form to do a OS upgrade without a fresh backup before the upgrade, for the reason you have had the bad luck to encounter. :(

    Does no "recent" mean you do not have any backup at all while using 10.12.2? If you have a older 10.12.2 backup then you will be in much better shape to revert.

    Here are the basic steps to revert to 10.12.2, without any 10.12.2 backup:
    1. Backup your current internal drive with 10.12.3 installed to a external drive. I recommend a clone.
    2. Obtain the full 10.12.2 installer. 10.12.2 is no longer available for download from Apple, so you will have a problem if you do not already have it.
    3. Make a bootable USB thumb drive installer with 10.12.2.
    4. Boot to the bootable USB thumb drive installer with 10.12.2, erase your internal drive, and install 10.12.2.
    5. You’ll have to manually copy back over any files you saved from 10.12.3. I do not think the Migration Assistant app will work, but you could try it. Setup user accounts, set preferences, and install apps (skip this step if Migration Assistant works).

    Here are the basic steps to revert to 10.12.2, with a older 10.12.2 Time Machine backup:
    1. Backup your current internal drive with 10.12.3 installed to a external drive. I recommend a clone.
    2. Connect the Time Machine disk with 10.12.2 on it.
    3. Boot to Recovery. At the “macOS Utilities” screen, choose “Restore From Time Machine Backup” and then click Continue (the restore process will erase your internal drive).
    4. Copy interim files. Once the downgrade is complete and you’re back to 10.12.2, you’ll have to manually copy back over any of the new interim files you saved from 10.12.3.

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