Revert from iTunes 11 to 10.7

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    The genius that is bogoss gave us this:

    Originally Posted by bogoss View Post
    After hours... this finally worked out! BUT, perform at your own risk, I was told it could possibly do some harm...

    EXACTLY what I did:

    1, uninstall itunes 11 using AppZapper

    2, download 10.7 from this link download pacifist as well:

    3, open the 10.7 dmg file, you will see the pkg file(usally double click to install), but this time drag it out somewhere.

    4, launch pacifist

    5, drag the pkg file to pacifist and the click install from the menu bar

    6, during installation, click replace everytime a window popping out (this is the key i reckon, something that can't be removed during uninstallation will be replaced by 10.7 completely thanks to pacifist)

    7, installation finished, iTunes 10.7 comes back!


    many people are using this process to downgrade without knowing that the iTunes library also needs to be recovered, so I am adding this too thanks to jasko at post #22

    basically you need to recover your latest iTunes library which was created by iTunes 10, by using previous iTunes libraries or from time machine.

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    Dang, the things people do to downgrade. haha
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    i will do it today, don't want iTune- s-hit 11
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