Revert to previous IOS version?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by AJ-UK, Nov 24, 2010.

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    I've upgraded to 4.2 and love the folders and other benefits but ever since upgrading, battery life has noticeably changed for the worse. I've read the thread on here about discharging the battery and then doing a full recharge but it hasn't worked for me. As much as I want folders etc, I want the excellent battery performance I had before more. Does anyone know if it is possible to revert back to the previous IOS version and if so how it is done? Is it just a case of restoring from my last pre 4.2 backup?
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    This may not be due to the iOS update, which you do need for security reasons
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    How important is it to update now ? Is security a big problem ?

    My 88 year old father has an iPad that he mainly uses for an ebook reader and email. I use my iMac to set up his iPad for him. He is legally blind and the iPad is the only eBook reader he can read, which is very important to him. I want to keep his iPad secure but I don't want to cause any problems for him with things working differently or anomalies in new software.

    Should I wait until maybe mid December for the next update or update now ?
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    No known security issues. I'd wait. :)
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    Thanks for the reply. If not caused by the iOS update what else could be? Prior to update battery life was excellent and immediately after it is terrible. I appreciate the security risk but would still like to know if it is possible to roll back to the old version.
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    In order to downgrade, you need to download this program called TinyUmbrella (google for it), and see if it saves the SHSH for 3.2.2. And you need to do this ASAP, because Apple may stop issusing SHSH for older firmware at any moment. If you missed out the window, you are out of luck, and stuck with the current firmware.
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