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    Having received my iPhone 6 on launch day I was eager to get a hold of a few different screen protectors. I have already tested numerous brands of screen protectors just for my iPhone 6. I'm personally not a bulky/rugged/massive protection screen protector/case person because I do not like the added bulk. I was previously given the opportunity to review the Anker iPhone 5/5s/5c and iPad Mini screen protectors and loved the quality so I jumped on the opportunity.

    Anker makes great quality screen protectors with exceptional HD clarity, sometimes you don't even notice it's there. A few people have complained and rated this screen protector low due to the fact it doesn't cover the screens curved edges, it only covers the "flat" non-curved section of the iPhone 6 screen. I could easily see why a lot of people do not like or prefer that, however the screen protectors were made that way. Because it doesn't cover the entire screen, it does allow the curved-edges to be non-protected and possibly get scratches.

    I have already tested 10 different cases from Spigen, Elago, MonoPrice, Anker, TechMatte and various other and the Anker screen protector doesn't effect putting on or removing these case. Anker screen protectors are priced very fairly for a 3-pack which makes it super nice and an easy decision to purchase.

    Like I stated in my overview, this is a screen protector to prevent glass scratching and possibly minor glass cracks and I did not expect it to provide military grade protection, or even small child protection for that matter. Don't expect or assume screen protection of any further degree with this type of screen protector.

    - Engineered for iPhone 6: Precise, laser-cut dimensions provide maximum protection for the entire touchscreen surface of your iPhone 6
    - XTREME Scratch Protection: Premium Japanese PET film with an industry-high 4H hardness rating stubbornly protects against scratches and wear
    - Ultra Clear: 96% transparency and anti-smudge overlay maintain your iPhone's original high-definition retina viewing experience
    - High Response Touch: Carefully tested material and design ensure the same sensitivity and response from your touchscreen
    - What You Get: Anker® 3-Pack Screen Protectors, welcome guide, microfiber cloth, bubble-removal card, dust-removal sticker, our unbeaten lifetime warranty and friendly customer service

    - Lifetime Warranty
    - Quality / Clarity
    - Ease of Use / Ease of Installation
    - Sufficient Protection
    - XTREME Scratch Protection
    - Works with virtually every iPhone 6 case
    - Easily removable with no residue
    - Customer Service
    - Protects Display from scratches & abrasion, erosion, repels dust and will reduce signs of daily wear
    - Non-tacky adhesive : Removed easily without leaving residue

    Honestly, none that I can think of. They are of very high quality, priced very fairly and provide a lifetime warranty.

    I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest with no bias.
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