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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by jammerz, May 30, 2013.

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    Hey Guys! I have had this bumper for a while, it's about time I post a review on it. Radiating has an in-depth look at this bumper, so I didn't see the need to post, but I'd like to catalogue my own thoughts on it.

    The Good:
    No Bulk: This is the thinnest profile case I have used. There is a lay-on-the table bevel for the back of the phone, but the front of the phone does not have this, especially if you're using a tempered glass screen protector.

    Feel: The matte finish on this case is grippy, and comfortable in the hands. The plastic used for this case is very durable. When the bumper is applied to the phone, initially the feeling is very tight and secure. However, this case does loosen with time (see "The Bad", lol).

    Drops: This case stands up to a good drop. I've dropped my phone 6-8 feet onto concrete, and fortunately the case suffered most of the extent of the damage. Most often than not the latch goes flying off somewhere, but the actual phone remains unscathed in my experience. There could be a confounder here, as I do have Ghost Armor wrapped around my entire case as well. I want to mention that the bumper did suffer damage, but I was still able to use it.

    Side-Skin Friendly: I have used this case naked, and I have used this case with Ghost Armor side skins. I feel that the fit was better with the side skins applied, however, this could have contributed to the looseness that I experienced after a few months of having the bumper on.

    Customer Service: I had good experience with customer service when I complained about the fitment of the latch to the bumper. My original case came with some extra plastic from the manufacturing process that made the bumper hard to snap together. They sent me a replacement right away, no questions asked. They also followed up with me regarding delivery times, which was nice.

    The Bad:
    Loosening With Time: After one month of use, the bumper side with the latch began to loosen. I put some Ghost Armor side skins on the phone and reapplied the bumper to fix this, and it did for a few months. But after a while, that "give" on the two sides of the case made the feeling lower quality.

    Discolouration: I have purchased the black and the grey versions of this bumper. The black version you don't have to worry about discolouration, because it's BLACK. The Grey version tends to discolour. My grey bumper turned into a reddish tinged grey after months of use. I don't know if this was due to the red latch or not, but the discolouration was bad enough that the bumper had to go in the trash. Lesson Learned, with Caze, buy black.

    Adapter Friendly? Unfortunately no. This case is very thin profile, and as such the cut outs for the headphones and the power are slim as well. I had to shave down my 3rd party connectors to fit with this case. The original Apple EarPods and Lightning cord work fine.

    Headphone Friendly? You want to dance with the devil in the pale moon light? LOL. This is hit or miss. Some of the headphones I own work, other's don't. Skull Candy 50/50's don't fit, but the Skullcandy Fix-In-Ear earbuds work fine. Steinheisser Circumaural Headphones don't fit. Be warned, friends! You might have to get a headphone adaptor to make this baby work for you.

    Buttons: Terrible. Caze exposes the Apple native power and volume buttons, which are hard to press for men that do regular cuticle care. For women with nails, it might be ok. The volume buttons are worse than the power button. If you press your fingers in to the appropriate areas, they buttons have tactile response. It would have been nice if they had buttons to accent this case though.

    Weak Latch: So when I first got the case, I was impressed that it came with two latches. I thought it was a nice variety. After a few months of use, the latch split. So I was forced to use the other latch. Then, after another few months, The other latch broke. The case was rendered useless.

    Overall: For the price, this case is great if you want something thin that doesn't take away from the beauty of the iPhone. Be warned, however. I have experienced discolouration, and frailty in the latch which has turned me from purchasing this case again.

    The search continues! Power Support Flat Bumper is next.

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    That's a review for just a bumper. I can't imagine how long it would be for a case!;)

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    LOL It'd probably be the same, the length of the review is not dictated by the size of the protection! :D
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    Point taken...

    and that is such an easy straight line, I won't make the smutty joke it elicits!:p :D

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