Review: Cozy's 'Drink Different' Molds Turn Your Ice Into Vintage Macs


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Apr 12, 2001

Cozy, a company that has a variety of clever solutions for managing Apple accessories, recently released its latest product, a whimsical "Drink Different" ice cube tray that makes ice shaped like a vintage Mac.

Cozy sent me some of the Mac molds to test out, and I can confirm that they work well and result in Mac-shaped ice cubes that Apple enthusiasts are sure to like.

The $12.99 Drink Different molds are made from a malleable food grade silicone material, which you fill up with water and then put in the freezer, much like a standard ice cube tray. These are larger than the standard cubes that you get with an ice cube tray, so one or two are ideal for a regular cup. For something like a glass of whiskey or scotch, one will suffice.

On the outside, the molds read "stay thirsty" and "stay foolish," and on the inside, there's Mac detailing that creates the classic Mac shape, which includes a "Hello" script, an indentation for the display, and small cutout for the disk drive.

You can get the mold in three colors: space gray, classic beige, and granny smith green, all of which are identical and make the same shape. Once frozen, you can peel away the silicone to get the ice out. It's not quite as easy as cracking ice out of an ice cube tray, but it's not much more involved, either.

The mold results in a fairly accurate representation of a Macintosh Classic in ice form. Mine didn't look quite as perfect as the ones in Cozy's photos, but the cubes weren't too far off. I think it takes a little bit of trial and error with water level to get the ideal shape because mine were bulging a bit, but even then, the cubes looked decent and all of the details came out right.

I'm not too fussed about the small imperfections because the Mac shape lasts for just a few minutes in liquid before melting into a more standard cube shape. In most liquids I don't think you're really going to see the Mac shape unless it's filled just a bit as in Cozy's scotch example.

Most ice is not completely clear, and the cloudiness can sometimes make it a bit hard to see the detailing of the Mac design. It's difficult to get clear ice at home, but boiling distilled water will get you close. Taking pictures of details in ice is also not particularly easy, so I'd like to point out that these look better in person with crisper details.

As with most silicone molds like this, you can also potentially use them for candy making and chocolate, but it's going to take a lot of chocolate to fill one up. Theoretically, food grade silicone can also go in the oven so you could make little mini Mac cakes, though the details might not come out. Popsicles are also an option, as are soaps given the versatility of silicone.

Bottom Line

$12.99 is expensive for an ice cube tray, but it's right in line with other novelty ice products that are on the market. If you're looking for a gift for an Apple user or want to spice up your own drinks with some Mac-shaped cubes, the Drink Different is a fun choice.

Where to Buy

Cozy's Drink Different Vintage Computer Ice Cubes can be purchased from the Cozy website for $12.99.

Article Link: Review: Cozy's 'Drink Different' Molds Turn Your Ice Into Vintage Macs
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Jun 12, 2013
Hey Guys, thanks for all the responses, some of them were hysterical! :D

I made cubes after my wife requested them and thought it would be cute. Also I love nice cubes for a nip of bourbon. I wasn't sure they would be so popular. Hence I made them in a prototype mould which only has some many uses before wearing out.

I will be making a new version in a couple weeks based on the response here. They won't be the same exactly or have all the color options. Those were limited run.

If there is anything you would like to see let me know! It's always fantastic to hear back from customers, and thanks for all the support!

All sold out! They only made 165 of them? Huh.
Sorry Bob, will see if we have a few left in our shop. Feel free to send me an email: also we will make a similar version in a couple weeks.
You know what, I’ve spent 12 bucks on stuff that is way more stupid than this
:D Hah! Thanks guy!
I just purchased the beige. I think it’s a neat tray. 12.99$, why not.
High Fives coming at you!
Would you possibly say that, perhaps, you like big cubes and you can not lie?

I see what you did there, well played. ;)
Just bought. Love big cubes for my bourbon....
Me too! What's your fave bourbon these days?
How do I get one for a 20" iMac G4 :D
Until I can change the laws of physics for ice, or make a really lumpy Sunflower Mac that will be a tough one.
Version 2 could be the Mac mini cube, and version 3 the Mac Pro 2013 :D
Hah! I had considered a multi-pack idea. Also the G4 Cube would be cool but ultimately the bottom would melt in 2s


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Sep 1, 2017
Wow that's cute! The details on the molds are also a nice touch.

Plus, extra points for vanilla Ice cream. :D


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Jun 12, 2013
Hey Peeps,

We shipped out everything in the initial order and have a couple units left:

- 2x Spacy Gray
- 10x Granny Smith Green
- 4x Classic Beige

So come and get the last units, hope this helps.