Review: I stand (very) corrected about the 2015 15" rMBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cookies!, Jun 5, 2015.

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    For a while I was defending the 2015 rMBP as a good upgrade. I've been working with one for the past week, and I've also been studying benchmarks and such. I was wrong, I admit it.

    There is only one reason you should buy this laptop— if you constantly use Apple's OpenCL creative applications throughout the day in a professional capacity. If that isn't your case, go save $1,000 right now and purchase a used or refurbished 2013/2014 rMBP instead (if you really need to upgrade from 2012 or before) until Skylake is released.


    Compared to the 750m, I've found that performance in FCPX is greatly improved, and if that was my primary application at work (instead of Adobe CC), I would keep the 2015 rMBP to save myself a fair amount of time over the next year's workdays. But Adobe CC performance has barely improved, and the gains really aren't noticeable to the human eye. If a nVidia dGPU gets popped in next year, which it probably will, I have a feeling the gains WILL be noticeable.

    It's the same CPU and iGPU as 2013/2014, pretty much. There's a slight bump between those years, but nothing noticeable.

    On paper, that SSD is brutally fast. And you do notice how fast it is when you are moving large files around. But unless you constantly moving big files around, you really won't notice this improvement too much. I actually do this a fair amount (more than most people!), but not enough for me to notice a big time difference throughout the day.

    Force Trackpad:
    I'm a huge fan of this trackpad. But right now it is underutilized by app developers, and it simply isn't worth $1,000 extra when you can get it next year with Skylake. And next year more apps will support it (hopefully Adobe CC!)
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    TL;DR, take the $1,000 and go buy 3 apple watches with it instead.
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    There is a reason why the phrase "Apple Fan Boy" is coined....
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    From what Apple is doing with their line up, it looks like AMD is going to the discrete graphic card manufacture for at least a year or more. Apple does switch between the two so I would expect to see a Nvidia card by 2017+. Currently a few companies (Apple may be included) have some beef with Nvidia and their proprietary software.

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