Review: iClover Aluminum & TPU Case

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    I bought this case off eBay, and I'm really impressed with it. Very good quality for a case that cost $8.

    It adds very little bulk to the phone, but I feel it's decently protective. The aluminum bumper is typical anodized, thin metal. It's smooth, the color is uniform. The cut outs are adequately sized and line up pretty well. Not perfectly, but this is an $8 case. You want perfect, get a Spigen :) The mute switch cut out is pretty small, and the thickness of the TPU makes it somewhat difficult to get to the switch. As a female with reasonably large hands, I can easily use my pinky nail to get in there to toggle it, but larger handed males may have difficulty. The headphones cut out fits my Yurbuds, and the Apple headphones, but nothing larger.

    The TPU is clear, with a fine dot pattern on the backside which allows you to show off the back of your phone, and nice and substantial without being overly stiff, however, it does make the buttons a bit hard to push. Not deal breaking, but something to consider. There are cut outs on each side for the antenna. I've noticed no degradation in signal, this is the signal I get without a case as well, so YMMV. The cut out for the camera keeps the lens protected and off any surface you place it on. The front has a raised lip and protects your screen. I have a Coollreal glass screen protector on my phone and the case fits around it very nicely.

    I really like this case. I was very surprised at how high quality this case feels to me, considering its price. If you like hybrid type cases, this would be a good buy. Comes in the typical aluminum colors: pink, blue, gold, etc..

    I purchased mine here:

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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